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Why Roses on Valentine's Day?

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Flowers and chocolate are the two gifts most commonly associated with Valentine's Day – we send our loved ones long-stemmed red roses and delicious boxes of chocolates to celebrate the special holiday. But this does beg the question: Why exactly do we send flowers on Feb. 14 each year? Here are a couple of reasons:

It's Tradition
Valentine's Day is said to have originated in third-century Rome, when Christian martyrs were being oppressed by Emperor Claudius II. At the time, marriage was outlawed, but Saint Valentine performed secret wedding ceremonies anyway, and was eventually arrested and sentenced to death.

It wasn't until the 18th century, though, when giving flowers became an integral part of the holiday's celebrations. Charles II of Sweden introduced the idea of using floral bouquets to send nonverbal messages, like "I love you," and thus, a tradition was born.

Since then, flowers have become a worldwide representation of love on Valentine's Day, and, in fact, Feb. 14 one of the most popular days of the year to send bouquets to friends, family members and significant others.

They're Meaningful
While many people send blossoms on Valentine's Day to take part in a long-standing tradition, that custom is based on another reason entirely: Flowers can send a meaningful message without using any words. Roses, both red and pink, are some of the most popular floral options on this day, since they represent love and passion – in essence, a bouquet of roses says "I love you" to your romantic partner. Likewise, orchids, lilies, carnations and other beloved blossoms symbolize special meanings, including new love, beauty and fascination.

Even the gesture of sending flowers has come to hold its own symbolism – when you order a bouquet for someone in your life, you're telling that person you love, care about and appreciate him or her.


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