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Viva Magenta: Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year is a Floral Favorite

Viva Magenta: Pantone's 2023 Color of the Year is a Floral Favorite

Posted by Bloomerang Solutions on Jan 4th 2023

It’s official—Pantone has named Viva Magenta (PANTONE 18-1750) - a bold shade of crimson red - as its choice for Color of the Year for 2023. Viva Magenta is a striking hue that alludes to strength and self expression. This striking hue is sure to be seen everywhere in the coming year and can add a unique, vibrant touch to any occasion. Here at Palace Florists in Rockville, MD, we are proud to offer hand-designed bouquets featuring this year's hottest color, Viva Magenta!

Viva Magenta in Floral Design

The floral industry has long been home to some of the brightest and most eye-catching colors in nature. This year’s choice for Pantone’s Color of the Year is no exception! What’s so great about this year's vibrant hue? Not only does it make a bold statement, but it is also incredibly versatile in any kind of floral design.

Whether you’re celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, or simply just to make someone smile—Viva Magenta can be used in flower arrangements for every occasion. Plus, there are plenty of different flowers that already contain this hue naturally. Roses and tulips are two popular examples that work perfectly for any type of arrangement.

For those who enjoy being creative with their floral designs, there are also plenty of options to consider. From adding ribbons and other decorations to designing a combination of several different types of blooms—the possibilities really are endless when using this eye-catching color!

If you’re looking for something unique and custom tailored to your needs, our team of professional floral designers is more than happy to create something that fits your exact vision. We can even add special touches like personalized messages or handcrafted cards if requested. 

We love using this stunning hue in our floral designs here at your local florist because it adds a splash of vibrancy to any special occasion. Whether you need something for Mother’s Day or a birthday celebration, there are so many ways to incorporate Viva Magenta into your flowers. Here are some of our favorite ideas: 

  • A bright and cheerful bouquet featuring roses and tulips in different shades of Viva Magenta. 
  • A lush centerpiece arrangement with lilies and baby’s breath accented by sprigs of deep red berries. 
  • A romantic corsage made up of gardenias surrounded by delicate accent flowers like freesia or waxflower in pale pink hues. 
  • A festive holiday wreath decorated with magnolia leaves and berries in varying shades from light pink to deep magenta.  

No matter what type of design you’re looking for—from subtle accents to vivid pops of color—our experts here at your local florist can help you find exactly what you need when it comes to flowers featuring Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year. We look forward to helping you create something special with Viva Magenta! 

Viva Magenta from Palace Florists

As Pantone’s 2023 Color of the Year continues its reign over the fashion and design industry, we want you to know that your local florist has got you covered when it comes to incorporating this vibrant hue into your next floral arrangement!

From roses and tulips to lilies and gardenias—and everything else in between—we have all the tools necessary to bring your vision for a beautiful bouquet or centerpiece arrangement alive using Viva Magenta as its focal point. Visit us today for more information on how we can help make this year's hottest color work wonders for all your upcoming occasions!

Palace Florists also specialize in flowers for birthdays, anniversaries, new babies, get well wishes, or even just to make someone smile. Call us today at (301) 945-0253 or visit our flower shop located at 4980 Wyaconda Rd. Ste. B Rockville, MD 20852.