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Palace Florists is a third generation, family owned & operated full service washington d.c. florist that has been exceeding our clients' expectations since 1943. Our flower shop in dc moved in 2016 & we are now a rockville md florist. We offer daily flower delivery like other flower shops in dc throughout the entire d.c. area & we continue to be the premier d.c. florist. We offer flower arrangements & flower delivery in rockville md, flower delivery in bethesda md & flower delivery d.c. and the surrounding areas. As the premier florist in washington d.c. we specialize in creating gorgeous corporate floral designs to enhance the decor & ambiance of your office, hotel, restaurant or venue. Weddings in d.c., mitzvahs in Potomac md, funeral wreaths, sympathy designs and everyday flower arrangements are our specialty. Look no further for the best d.c. florist for flower arrangements, plant rental & washington flowers & flower delivery in rockville md.

Valentine's Day - Then & Now

Posted by Suzie Kostick, on Jan 31st 2019

Believe it or not, Valentine’s Day was not created by florists, greeting card companies or candy makers.

In the 5th century, Pope Gelasius established February 14th as Valentine’s Day. Named for a martyred Christian saint, it was a move to cast the holiday’s predecessor, Lupercalia, as pagan. Celebrated by the ancient Romans, Lupercalia was a bacchanalian party meant to purify the city of evil spirits, releasing health and fertility.

Valentine’s Day as we know it started around the early 1800s, when companies began to mass-produce elaborately decorated cards, which were often attached to boxes of candy. As cut flowers became more accessible, they too became popular gifts given on this special day … and so, a tradition was born.

The rose is undoubtedly the flower most associated with the modern Valentine’s Day, and flower shops carry a large selection of beautiful blossoms, some specifically brought in for Valentine’s Day. Florists select these blooms based on their longevity, color diversity, unique characteristics (such as petal shape) and fragrance.

Flowers come in all colors, shapes and sizes, and your florist can help you select the perfect gift to wow your sweetheart.

Here is some Valentine’s Day flower-buying advice:

Order locally: Shopping with your local retail florist, Palace Florists, will ensure you get the best service and the best value for your money. Your florist can even help if you need to send flowers out of state. Give your local brick-and-mortar flower shop a call or, better yet, stop in the shop. They will help you pick the perfect bouquet and send it wherever you need.

Order early: Ordering flowers as far in advance as possible will provide the florist with time to order flowers if you have specific requests in mind. You also will have the option of having your floral gift delivered. Delivery options do fill up, as the holiday gets closer. Three to 10 days in advance is ideal. With that said, florists are used to, and prepare for, last minute orders and will have flowers ready to help those last-minute cupids wow their sweethearts.

Get Creative: Professional florists are known for their creativity, and they just love it when you give them freedom to design something distinctive and special. Give your florists a few ideas, such as “my sweetheart loves the smell of lilies,” “purple is her favorite color” or “she’s very stylish and loves something really unique.” Offering just a few tips on what your Valentine likes and/or dislikes is enough to get their creative juices flowing.

Here is a gorgeous example of one of our rose arrangements!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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