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Holiday Stress Relief

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While a wonderful season, the holidays can sometimes bring on as much stress as joy. From shopping, to organizing the guest lists, to putting up the decorations, our growing to-do list can add to our feelings of overwhelm and worry about how we are going to get everything done. According to a recent poll, 68 percent of people feel stress on a weekly basis, and 32 percent experience stress daily.




It’s important in these hectic times to step back, breathe, and take opportunities to have a moment of calm, so we can enjoy the holiday festivities, rather than stress over them.

New research from the University of North Florida provides a simple, easy solution: FLOWERS. In fact, the study shows that women who lived with flowers, even just for a few days, reported a significant reduction in their stress levels.

Here are some tips on how flowers can help you and your loved ones have an enjoyable holiday season:

Combat Day-to-Day Busyness and Overwhelm:

Keeping flowers on the kitchen counter, bedside table, or even the bathroom – somewhere that you will see as you are coming and going – can help provide a reminder to take a mental break. Flowers have a calming effect. We can use it to our advantage during busy times.

Support Stressed Out Friends:

                                    Woodlands of DC      

We can help our friends cope with daily stress too. An unexpected surprise gift of flowers for a friend can go a long way. It might be the best gift they receive this season!

Show Appreciation to the Busy Party Host:

Especially now that we have scientific proof of their positive impact on our well being, flowers can be a great way to show our appreciation to the host of a holiday party. For instance, send flowers to the house the day before the festivities — so he or she can experience their calming effects during the preparations — or thank them after the party is over.

Minimize Family Dinner Friction:

If you sense there might be some conflict at the family gathering, use the stress-relieving effects of flowers to “ease the tension” by having flowers right there on the dinner table. It’s worth a try, and might take the conversation in a more agreeable direction.

Help Prevent Loneliness:

As wonderful as the holidays can be for most, for some it is a season of loneliness — missing deceased loved ones, not having family in town, or even estrangement from relatives. This can make it a stressful time, and flowers can be a real help to show a neighbor or friend that they are acknowledged and cared for.

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