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Palace Florists is a third generation, family owned & operated full service washington d.c. florist that has been exceeding our clients' expectations since 1943. Our flower shop in dc moved in 2016 & we are now a rockville md florist. We offer daily flower delivery like other flower shops in dc throughout the entire d.c. area & we continue to be the premier d.c. florist. We offer flower arrangements & flower delivery in rockville md, flower delivery in bethesda md & flower delivery d.c. and the surrounding areas. As the premier florist in washington d.c. we specialize in creating gorgeous corporate floral designs to enhance the decor & ambiance of your office, hotel, restaurant or venue. Weddings in d.c., mitzvahs in Potomac md, funeral wreaths, sympathy designs and everyday flower arrangements are our specialty. Look no further for the best d.c. florist for flower arrangements, plant rental & washington flowers & flower delivery in rockville md.

Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Random Act of Kindness

Surprise Your Loved Ones with a Random Act of Kindness

Posted by Palace Florists and About Flowers on Feb 17th 2022

On February 17th, we celebrate National Random Acts of Kindness Day to encourage generosity in our everyday lives. This year, it’s a great excuse to show the most important people in your life a little extra love. As National Random Act of Kindness Day quickly approaches, here are some of our favorite ways to spread goodwill and compassion to your loved ones.

Make Someone’s Favorite Homemade Meal

Taking the time to make someone’s favorite dish is a great way to show your appreciation and affection. Consider those in your life who don’t always have time to cook for themselves or are especially fond of a specific meal. You can drop it off after it’s done and rest assured they will appreciate the effort and thought you put into it.

Take Time to Thank the People in Your Life

This is a simple and classic way to spread kindness this February. Everyone loves to know they’re appreciated in some way and we often don’t hear it enough. Whether it be a quick phone call to a loved one, an email to a co-worker or a written letter for someone farther away, they will be grateful to know how much they are valued in your life. It’s always a good idea to remind people how you feel, and there’s no better excuse than saying it on National Random Acts of Kindness Day.

Reconnect with an Old Friend

We all have busy lives and it’s inevitable to lose touch with some of the people we were once closest to. Some of your loved ones might have moved away or gotten busy with work or their family. Luckily, love between friends and family is always there — no matter how far away you might be. This February, consider reaching out to a friend you might not get the chance to talk to as much. They will certainly be delighted to hear from you and it will be a great time to catch up on each other’s lives.

Send Flowers or Plants to Your Loved Ones

Another way to spread kindness and cheer this February is by sending flowers or plants to your loved ones. A beautiful arrangement of flowers or a lavish houseplant is the classic way to show someone you care. A cheerful arrangement like COLORBURST or GEORGIA AVENUE GEM is a whimsical surprise that’s sure to make someone’s day, and these exquisite flowers and bright colors might be just what they needed to rejuvenate their favorite spaces.

Or, if a houseplant is something your loved ones would enjoy, consider Palace Florists LUSH LEAVES PLANTER or a beautiful SPATHIPHYLLUM plant. These gorgeous and low-maintenance plants will catch their attention and remind them of your gratitude every time they see them.

For National Random Acts of Kindness Day, consider showing your loved ones some additional generosity and compassion this year. Being kind feels good, and no matter what act of kindness you choose, they are sure to appreciate the thought and effort. 

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