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Flower Power!

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How often do we struggle for the right words? A friend is having a hard time, a family member is sick or maybe we think we might have met the “love of our life.” How do we let them know we how we feel?

Cards, letters, emails, instant messages, texts and even old-fashioned phone calls are options, but you need to know what to say. With flowers you can touch a heart without saying a word.

When I first came into the floral industry, the catch phrase was “Say it With Flowers,” and I think that is as true today as it was then, maybe even more so. Life has become more complicated, even though technology tells us everything is easier. Social media has allowed us to say anything to anyone and everyone all the time, but how often are our words misunderstood or overlooked?

Send someone flowers, and the heart knows right away what you are trying to express.

As a child of the ’60s and ’70s, I remember “Flower Power” being interpreted with big giant colorful daisy decals stuck on everything from clothing to furniture and even cars. Today, we interpret Flower Power with a beautiful collection of botanical materials in a stunning floral arrangement. Vibrant shades of violet and green including anemone, veronica, carnations, hydrangea and hellebores designed in an organic looking stone container give us a modern and powerful expression of caring. Hanging amaranthus and clusters of berzilla berries add just the right amount of texture with bursts of luxurious ferns popping from the blooms introducing a woodsy touch which is ones of today’s most popular trends.

Whether we think of Flower Power as a trend of the past or direction for the future, the result is still the same. Flowers do have power. They have the power to make someone smile, to become the center of attention wherever they appear and to convey how you feel even when you are struggling for words. Sending or bringing someone flowers can be the bridge you were looking for to make the connection between yourself and the person you care about. You will not only make their day, but they will remember your kindness and your message long after the flowers have faded.

Your local florist, Palace Florists, is always available to help you express your emotions.  Give Palace Florists a call at 301-945-0253 or visit them at 4980 Wyaconda Rd. in Rockville, MD.

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