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Palace Florists is a third generation, family owned & operated full service washington d.c. florist that has been exceeding our clients' expectations since 1943. Our flower shop in dc moved in 2016 & we are now a rockville md florist. We offer daily flower delivery like other flower shops in dc throughout the entire d.c. area & we continue to be the premier d.c. florist. We offer flower arrangements & flower delivery in rockville md, flower delivery in bethesda md & flower delivery d.c. and the surrounding areas. As the premier florist in washington d.c. we specialize in creating gorgeous corporate floral designs to enhance the decor & ambiance of your office, hotel, restaurant or venue. Weddings in d.c., mitzvahs in Potomac md, funeral wreaths, sympathy designs and everyday flower arrangements are our specialty. Look no further for the best d.c. florist for flower arrangements, plant rental & washington flowers & flower delivery in rockville md.

A Guide to the Best Flowers for Winter Arrangements

A Guide to the Best Flowers for Winter Arrangements

Feb 9th 2023

Best Flowers for Winter Arrangements

Winter is a time of year that can be bleak and dreary, but it doesn't have to be! With the right flowers, winter arrangements can be just as vibrant and beautiful as any other season. At Palace Florists, we have a wide selection of the finest blooms that are perfect for creating stunning winter arrangements.

Red Carnations for Winter Arrangements

One of the popular flowers for winter arrangements is the classic red carnation. These long-lasting blooms are often used in holiday arrangements due to their bright red color, which adds a touch of festive cheer to any room. Red carnations symbolize love and affection, making them suitable for gift giving or for creating a warm atmosphere in your home during the winter season. They have a long vase life, so the bright red color will last for days, providing a cheerful reminder of the holiday season.

When it comes to winter flower arrangements, carnations come in a range of colors, including red, white, pink, and yellow, to suit different themes. The choice of color can be influenced by personal preference or the desired ambiance for the arrangement. Carnations are known for their long vase life and can add a fresh touch to any indoor setting.

It's important to choose high-quality carnations to ensure their beauty lasts. They are available in different sizes, so you can find the perfect ones for your arrangement, whether it's a small boutonniere or a large centerpiece.

Red carnations are a suitable choice for winter flower arrangements and can add a touch of holiday cheer to your home. Their bright color, long vase life, and versatility make them a popular choice for holiday floral arrangements.

Elegant White Roses for Winter Arrangements

Another great option for winter arrangements is the elegant white roses. These classic flowers are a timeless symbol of beauty, and their crisp white petals provide a stark contrast against the often gray and dreary winter landscapes. Their pure white color is reminiscent of the snow that typically falls during this time of year, and they are the perfect complement to any winter-themed arrangement.

When it comes to creating the perfect winter bouquet or centerpiece, white roses are an excellent choice. At Palace Florists, we offer long-stemmed white roses that are perfect for centerpieces or bouquets. These roses are grown with care and are hand-selected to ensure the highest quality. The long stems make them ideal for tall vases, and their delicate blooms can be paired with other winter flowers to create an arrangement that is truly stunning. Whether you're looking to create an arrangement for a holiday party or simply to brighten up your home, white roses are the perfect choice for a winter-themed flower arrangement.

Classic White Lilies for Winter Arrangements

For those looking for a more traditional winter flower, white lilies are a great choice. These elegant blooms have been a staple of the holiday season for many years, and they are known for their delicate beauty and sweet fragrance. White lilies are characterized by their white petals and elegant shape, making them the perfect addition to any winter-themed centerpiece or bouquet. The petals of the white lily are soft and velvety to the touch, and their delicate beauty is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Additionally, their sweet aroma is a natural way to add a touch of warmth to any indoor setting, making them ideal for creating winter arrangements that are both beautiful and inviting. 

At Palace Florists, we offer high-quality white lilies that are grown with care and hand-selected to ensure that each bloom is at its very best. Whether you're looking to create a centerpiece for a holiday dinner or simply want to brighten up your home with a beautiful winter flower arrangement, white lilies are an excellent choice.

Winter can be a season of great beauty, with many magnificent flowers to choose from for arrangements. From classic holiday blooms such as carnations and white roses to more uncommon options like irises and winter eucalyptus, there are many options for creating beautiful winter arrangements. With a range of flowers available, it is possible to bring a touch of winter wonder and brighten up any room. For help with your next winter arrangement, contact Palace Florists today!