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Palace Florists is a third generation, family owned & operated full service washington d.c. florist that has been exceeding our clients' expectations since 1943. Our flower shop in dc moved in 2016 & we are now a rockville md florist. We offer daily flower delivery like other flower shops in dc throughout the entire d.c. area & we continue to be the premier d.c. florist. We offer flower arrangements & flower delivery in rockville md, flower delivery in bethesda md & flower delivery d.c. and the surrounding areas. As the premier florist in washington d.c. we specialize in creating gorgeous corporate floral designs to enhance the decor & ambiance of your office, hotel, restaurant or venue. Weddings in d.c., mitzvahs in Potomac md, funeral wreaths, sympathy designs and everyday flower arrangements are our specialty. Look no further for the best d.c. florist for flower arrangements, plant rental & washington flowers & flower delivery in rockville md.

5 Easy Ways to Prep your Garden for Spring

5 Easy Ways to Prep your Garden for Spring

Posted by on Mar 17th 2021

Winter tends to feel longer than it actually is, thanks to cold temperatures and snowy conditions. These factors can make it even more difficult to believe that spring is right around the corner but soon, you will be able to open up the windows, get some fresh air and smell the flowers.

There are so many things to look forward to, especially with restrictions making it harder to spend time outside of our homes at the moment. For those with a green thumb, the upcoming months may be even more anticipated; whether you grow your own fruits and vegetables or you simply enjoy planting seeds and watching spring flowers blossom, sunshine and warm weather are on the horizon.

Even though you can’t start planting in February, there are plenty of ways to set yourself up for success with the sunny season ahead. Here are some of our suggestions for preparing your garden for the spring:

Organize Your Garden Shed and Gardening Tools

Spring cleaning is in the future, so why not get a head start? Get out to your shed, garage, or wherever else you keep your gardening tools and get them in shape for the future. This can involve a good clean or a simple reorganization using a new and improved storage system.

Get Your Garden Space in Shape for the Season

This may be more difficult if you live in a region where snow is expected until the end of March, but if you can swing it, take a look at your current garden space and see if you can provide some TLC ahead of spring. If the weather is keeping you from getting a few steps ahead, simply devise an action plan and take advantage of the first nice weekend in the forecast.

Source Your Seeds from a Local Grower This Year

Now, more than ever, it’s a great time to support local businesses. So why not get your seeds from a small gardening shop or farmer this year? Find a farm near you that’s willing to part with seeds, as well as produce or flowers that you can take home and utilize during the winter months until you can grow your own!

Put Your Maintenance Plan on Paper

Are you feeling antsy about tending your garden? Start visualizing ideas for your plants and set yourself up for success with a maintenance schedule. The new year offers the perfect time to set new goals; dedicate a resolution to creating your best garden yet.

Gift Yourself a Pre-Made Bouquet to Get Inspired

If you’re not sure about what flowers you want to plant this year, or you’re just looking for a pick-me-up while it’s still cold and snowy, get yourself some fresh spring flowers from Palace Florists! From mini carnations and lilies to tulips and chrysanthemums, there are so many different seasonal options to choose from.

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